Back from Vacation

I was away from my internship for a few days to visit my godfamily in Virginia Beach. I call them my godfamily because that is one conventional way to explain our relationships. I actually know them through the Fresh Air Fund, which I wrote about in my college essay. Anyway, one of my "god"sisters and her family live in Virginia Beach. I took a few days to hang out with them and my godmom. The two young boys are fun to hang out with, they have such interesting personalities, and they loved the beach! They showed me all their favorite shows and favorite restaurants and hung out with me in the water!

I learned a lot and processed a lot of things I've been thinking about the past few weeks and months. It was a great few days to recharge and spend time with loved ones.

After a long and uncomfortable bus ride back to NYC, I went back to work the next day. Someone from the Red Umbrella Project came in and talked about the U.S.'s history of oppressing Asians and Asian women in particular. It was really interesting to see that linked with the contemporary human trafficking discourse, and how Asian communities are still being policed. It was really interesting stuff, but maybe a little over the heads of our youth. I think it's good to think about these issues, though. There are definitely things I've learned about when I was younger and knew way less and didn't understand much at the time but in hindsight I can still appreciate the things I was being taught.

Now that I'm back, it's the time of the year in the summer program to go forward with planning for the art exhibit! We're splitting up into groups to plan for different parts of the art exhibit. It's a lot of work but splitting it up makes it much more manageable. I'm a little tired from all the moving around and going right back to work, but I always learn so much.


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