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Week 8 - Final Thoughts

Now that you are nearing completion of your internship, what words of advice would you give to the next intern? Would you do it all over again?

How did this experience challenge your assumptions and stereotypes? How can you be more compassionate/informed/involved regarding the community you served?

Abuse of all kinds

I always promise to write a post about something and then I don't update and a week or so later, end up writing an entirely different post, fired up at something else instead. So here goes.

I check social media platforms every morning when I wake up. I suspect some of you do the same. Whether it's twitter or facebook or tumblr, it's one of my sources of news rather than the traditional news sources. And I would say that the new are mixing, there are more and more news being brought to the table in social media, and I have had some great reads shared from awesome people. Today is no different. A great woman I know from school shared an article from Vice, titled "The Ghost Rapes of Bolivia." Please go read it, not only because it is a huge story, but also because the journalist took so much time and perseverance to make this story happen and it covers so much.

No seriously, please go read it.

As you can see, the article is about sexual abuse, namely rape and incest…

Post-Internship and Travel

Hi blogging world, I know it's been a while. I finished up my internship in Shanghai and traveled to Beijing and Sydney before going home to NY. I have been busy not blogging, I guess. Sorry about that! I will soon post more photos from my trip and talk more about what's next for me and for this blog. Until then, I'm going to watch some Adventure Time ;) and go back to sleep.

Here's a sneak peek!