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A Letter to Shanghai

Dear Shanghai,

I'm coming tomorrow and I am excited and nervous. Excited because there is so much to do and see, nervous because my chinese isn't THAT good, and because I'm scared I won't get to do everything that I want to. 

While I live there, I will be staying at a volunteer flat and volunteering every weekday at CereCare, a center for children with cerebral palsy. It is a wonderful organization from what I have read on their website and from previous volunteers there. I have an older brother who is mentally disabled, yet I have never learned a whole lot about different disabilities. I wonder what the general public in Shanghai and China feels about the disabled and how they accommodate them. I expect to be humbled by the children I spend time with and to learn a lot about their lives from them. Specifically, I think I will be helping one child or a group of children with daily activities, from snacks, exercising, learning, to singing. I hope to get to know at least o…

Summer is upon us

There are actually tons of fun things to do in Houston, even without a car. I wish I had a buddy to go do them with, I don't really want to show up to flea markets and artsy stuff by myself. I will update soon, so many posts lined up that I have to write.
For now, how about this to start the summer off right?