AYA Retreat Summer 2014

Tomorrow is the retreat!!!

Ruben and I have been working on the retreat details for this weekend. I stayed late today to help out. Even though there's a lot to be done, it seems like a lot has been prepared, so things should run smoothly tomorrow. We have about 6 workshops slated for the weekend, along with teambuilding and fun activities planned. I finished planning for the obstacle course and scavenger hunt, thanks to Ruben and Umma, one of the youth, who helped me look for things in the office that we can bring to the retreat and hide in the great nature.

Ruben and I also worked with Anj on the gender and sexuality workshop. We were going to do a patriarchy workshop but it is quite early on in the summer program and the youth probably would do better with some more foundational stuff on gender and sexuality, so we started a new workshop from scratch. It was kinda hard trying to find engaging ways to teach definitions about many umbrella terms, but I think we have some good ideas going. We charted up a lot of activities and definitions, so I hope the workshop is a productive learning process for us all.

I still have to pack for the weekend and wake up early tomorrow! I'm a little overwhelmed by spending a lot of time with a lot of people for three days, but I think it will be great bonding for all of us.


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