IHP Human Rights Spring 2014

Hi all. For those of you who are interested in learning more about the study abroad program I will be starting in a few days, here is the URL. www.sit.edu/studyabroad/ssa_hrc.cfm?cp=2014SSP

So I start in NYC, my hometown, for about ten days, before we fly out to the first country: Nepal! It seems fitting to start here since the UN headquarters is here and the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the foundation to human rights. Plus that way we start off in a nice first world city before we move out to a foreign country with a new culture and lifestyle that we're not used to. I am excited and pleased. I have never lived in Brooklyn before, so those first ten days in NYC will be interesting.

I am still packing but I am 80% done. I applied for a Brazilian tourist visa today (for my own post-program travel to bask in the World Cup excitement) and fingers crossed - I should get my visa and passport back on January 30th, two days before I fly out on February 1st! I got traveler's medicine as well. I feel accomplished but there's still so much more to do and buy to prepare for the trip.

I don't know how much internet access I will have when I am abroad, especially because I am hopping from country to country every month. I will definitely check my emails and Facebook if I can get online. I hope I do a good job blogging about my experiences abroad. Please feel free to yell at me if I'm not posting enough pictures or updates about what I've been up to.
Back to packing!


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