'Til Snoring Do Us Part

Take a look at the ad above and tell me what you think it means. Yeah, I had no idea either. Is SnoreStop a brand? How does it keep what appears to be a U.S. soldier and a Muslim woman together? 

Huffington Post's Small Business section had a big article recently. The above billboard first showed up in Los Angeles, turning heads as people drove by and creating significant buzz. As it turns out, the ad is from SnoreStop sleep aids and meant to emphasize how their product can save couples.

In the accompanying YouTube video from the ad campaign itself on the making of the billboard (below and also in the article), the company's spokeswoman explained that they wanted to generate publicity about saving couples by showing real-life unconventional couples. 

I think it's an interesting advertising strategy, although weirdly used to promote sleeping aids. Because you know, if adversity and discrimination didn't break you and your unconventional lover apart, SNORING might. 

Check out the article and video and let me know what you think!



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