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At the end of my sociology class on deviance, justice & popular culture, our professor reminded us that next week, we're talking about women. Here's the heading for Week 7 in our syllabus, verbatim:

Where are the women?: Gender, proper femininity, and pushing boundaries? (aka, ‘You go, girl’)

Thanks, Professor, you go, too! So Steubenville, Blurred Lines, Kill Bill, and other juicy stuff are on the line-up next week, and I cannot be more excited. A fellow Duncaroo (one whose residential college affiliation is Duncan College) actually recently messaged me about what I thought of Blurred Lines and feminists' reactions to it. I gave my share of limited opinion because I feel that I have more questions than answers about this whole fiasco. I will save all my thoughts until after the two class meetings next week; I bet by then we would've generated so many great thoughts that I will be inspired to write a full blog post all about it. So stay tuned.

In other news, when I stepped out of that class, I took out my phone and - yes, you guessed it - checked my emails. One email's subject was 

SIT Human Rights: October Student Check In

Yep, turns out I was accepted into the study abroad program I applied for! Check it out here. It is a comparative program studying human rights across 4 countries - US, Nepal, Jordan, and finally Chile. Now I need to hustle (again) and get my confirmation materials in by about two weeks from now to confirm my spot in the program.

Wish me luck, I'll be very busy again!


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