Museum Day

Houston's Museum District Zone 4 museums were having special programs today, so I went to check them up. I wanted to go to the Children's Museum, the Health Museum, and the Holocaust Museum. The weather was not very good, it started to rain quite a bit by the time I left Rice (~2pm). Nonetheless, I was ready to go adventure despite the rain. In fact, last time I went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science with my friend Andy, and we had so much fun despite the rain. Also, the rain probably also means less people are going to visit the museums, so MORE MUSEUMS FOR ME!

I didn't go to the Children's Museum because I'm pretty sure you need a child with you to go in and I do not have one, so what a bummer, I can't go in and melt because of adorable kids and fun hands-on exhibits designed for humans many years my junior.

So I headed over to the Health Museum, which was pretty neat. A couple of organizations were there promoting themselves, one of which featured a golf cart-looking vehicle decked out in vegetables and vines and all that jazz. They even had a lady mascot who had a green dress on and beautiful fruits decorating her head. How bountiful. Another organization named Neighborhood Centers Inc was promoting their For Good campaign to inspire and ask people what they're doing for good. There were giant chalkboards that says ____________. For good. all over, so I wrote down 'mentor.' I'm part of this club called The Mentorship Project and we go to local underprivileged high schools and help seniors with college application process and with college readiness. Sometimes service and volunteering may not have immediately or ever tangible impacts, but rest assured every little bit that we do as long as we're dedicated do make a difference. I always tell the mentors that even if the students don't seem to care about the work we try to do with them, the least that we can do is to show up consistently every week because that shows them that we care about them, no matter what. This semester, I'm leading a group of Rice students to mentor at YES Prep Southwest, and we're starting on Monday! Wish us luck :)

Other than that, I saw a 4D presentation of microorganisms at the museum, and it was interesting, to say the least. The 3D glasses looked cool but looking through them kind of gave me a headache. No pain, no gain, right? Just kidding, that's probably not a good idea. Anyway, it was a humorous overdramatic story about a man waking up and we see various organisms that reside on his skin (kind of gross if you ask me, but it's all true), then he meets this beautiful woman (sidenote: props to Houston for pairing a white man with a non-white woman in this short film) who works at a hospital, who lost her URGENT folder, and he chases her down to return this to her, all the while sustaining attacks and wounds. At one point, this 3D organism was pooping and then some WATER WAS SHOT AT US, and it really scared me. So this is where the 4D comes in, I thought.

Check out the photo slideshow below!

But wait! What about the Holocaust Museum, KC? Well, check out the next post, because it's dedicated to it.


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