September 14, 2013

Katsura Sunshine!

One of my goals this year is to continue seeking out awesome opportunities and do something different other than my daily routine. Our residential colleges send out a ton of emails every day, but I do try to make time to skim through the daily announcements email. Here's why: AWESOME EVENTS AND OPPORTUNITIES GET POSTED IN A SEA OF 10 OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS.

The Consulate-General of Japan in Houston brought an unique aspect of Japanese culture to Houston last night in the form of a tall Caucasian Canadian man in a cowboy hat and American flag-themed kimono. His stage name is Katsura Sunshine, and he is a rakugo comic storyteller. His lovely assistant gave us background on rakugo in Japan, and Sunshine told us funny stories which end in a punch line. Here's a video of highlights for those of you who are interested!

His opening joke? "I love that we're presenting Japanese culture, at a place called RICE!"

Apparently, there is a substantial Japanese population in Houston. Interestingly, stumbling upon a Japanese festival at the park across the street from campus on a warm Sunday afternoon is what inspired me to start this blog in the first place. I sure am glad to be inspired and amused by Japanese culture.

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