Wikipedia Assignments

So I minor in this thing called Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities. We study gender, poverty, and development, essentially. It's disheartening most of the times, because there truly are a lot of problems out there. Since our first priority is academics, one way that we can help is to share our academic knowledge. We do this through working with Wikipedia to revise and add articles on topics related to our courses.

Last semester, I worked on revising the Wikipedia article on obstetric fistulas. Check out how far the article has come!

This semester, I'm working on revising the human trafficking article. Yes, that's right, you read it correctly, I'm tackling THE human trafficking article. It was kind of a mess, I kind of was interested and knew some stuff about it already, so... why not? It's obviously a huge work in progress, so bear with me, folks, and also, I'm only one of many contributors, please please please help add to it!

To clarify, I'm interested in the human trafficking article not only because it's a huge issue, but also because it's not a monolithic issue, and it is very complex in many ways. I feel that the mainstream media does not capture the controversies surrounding human trafficking discourse adequately, and if Wikipedia is one of the first places any person can go to to learn about human trafficking, it is my hope that they will scroll down to read the controversies section and realize that it is not as simple as they think.

Let me know what you think of these articles, and consider joining Wikipedia as a contributor! It's not a high commitment, it's a way to be involved in making a difference at your own pace and according to your own interests. 


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