TSwift Throwdown with Tina and The-Amy

I tried with the blog post title, I really did. Amy Poehler has no T's. Oh well

So I didn't watch the Golden Globes and apparently Tina Fey and my favorite Amy Poehler poked a little fun at people, doing what they do best, and Taylor Swift was not too happy about it.

I read this article from the Guardian and I thought it was very interesting.

I'll be honest I can totally jam out to Taylor's songs, I've been to one of her concerts, and I might even want to go to another one since her new album came out. Do I think she's my role model? Hell no, I'm 20 years old, why would I take on after her anyway? As for younger women, I don't know. I sure am glad I'm not a mother, I would probably just tell my youngings to sit tight and take everything with a grain of salt, maybe throw a couple of feminist books at them. Just kidding, I would watch Parks and Recreation with them and other media with strong female leads, because these are role models I can approve of.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the last paragraph, that is some good feminism and very packed with stuff, too, if I may say so myself.

Let's be honest: team Never Ever Being Self-Deprecating Ever does not seem like the cool, fun team to be on. It makes feminism seem ever so slightly intolerably boring. It also holds women hostage to one of the most ridiculous anti-feminist gotchas around – the one that goes, "Aha! You mildly criticised a woman! So how can you be a feminist?" The answer is that if you think women are interesting enough as people to disagree with, talk about, and sometimes take the piss out of, then you're probably doing feminism well enough to avoid the smell of sulphur.

Tina and Amy ever so lightly joked about TSwift like they do with any other famous celebrities, it's an honor to be mentioned by name by these two legendary females, maybe not with tired jokes that everyone else makes about you, so I guess that's different. I think both TSwift and Team Tina and Amy are feminist, albeit with differences, (I'm so biased) so I hope TSwift can realize it's a joke and that Tina and Amy would never NOT help her, woman to woman, so no need to passive aggressively tell Tina and Amy to go to hell. It's not like we're 22 years old or anything...


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