Festival International

Fantastic weekend, find out more below!

Finally, I get a chance to write about this festival! It's exciting to visit all these festivals lately, from the Japanese festival that inspired me to start this blog, the Reggae Fest in Austin to celebrate the end of my Sophomore year, to the Festival International in the middle of my finals. 

 Dressing up for festival is a huge part of the fun, so Lincoln and I did a lot of shopping/wardrobe searching to find fun outfits. Tribal prints and patterns and jewelries are very festival, apparently. I love the skirt that Lincoln gave me, so I wore it in the first photo. The prints are fantastic, it was long and flowy, so I paired it with a red tank top. Thanks, Lincoln! I really loved that outfit.

Each night we saw different bands at one of the five stages that they set up downtown, which is very interesting, since there were bars/stores everywhere and you basically travel between a couple of blocks, there are tons of people hanging out on the streets, and generally it is such a great vibe. On Saturday night after the bands stopped performing, we bumped into this street musician. I forgot his name, but rest assured it was very badass. He had a banjo and his rock coarse voice, performing wonderful melodies for us, including covers of indie hits and hip hop hits. It was both confusing and beautiful, he had so much soul. He wanted to take donations but he had to do it discretely because if he puts down his own hat/belongings to collect it the police nearby would arrest him.

It's hard out there for him, I think his name was Pete.

The Cathedral of St. John is the oldest church in Lafayette, and it is stunning. Lincoln's grandmother got married there, I believe. The courtyard is amazing, and I wish I got to go inside too, but there's probably a wedding going on that day.
What's a trip without interesting animals right? Lincoln owns a small corn snake, and I had the pleasure of watching it eat. It was simultaneously sad and exciting to watch it consume the live mouse. The process took a few silent minutes, which didn't take long. It's amazing how much a snake's body can stretch and push food down its body. 

After some delicious gumbo and grits, I got on the greyhound bus back to Houston. What an awesome weekend!


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