Who Am I

This sounds strangely familiar, like a writing assignment one would have to do during kindergarten. Who am I? What is this blog for? Why is it called Adventure Time With KC?

Who am I?

I'm K.C. Ho, a Fresh Air kid, and I'm a junior at Rice University. I really liked the hot weather and the amazing community at Rice, so I'm proud of my decision to come here. I study Sociology, Study of Women Gender and Sexuality, and I take an interest in Poverty Justice and Human Capabilities. I'm ethnically Chinese, part ninja, and full awesome. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, and moved to the Big Apple (I ♥ NYC) when I was 9 years old. I went to this academically rigorous high school there called Bronx High School of Science, and it was pretty crazy because I was/still kind of am a turbulent teenager, I met a ton of interesting people (good interesting as well as bad interesting), and now BxSci is on the news on the regular for random absurd things from not being ranked high enough on the top U.S. high schools list, being ranked #1 on some other top U.S. high schools list, to scandals about our administration and student body. What a riot, right?

Now that all these labels are out of the way, who am I, really? Well my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) results identified me as ENFP, so I guess I am quite optimistic, I am very much into people because I love connecting people with each other and encouraging people to reach their full potential (I give a lot of pep talks), and yes, I do in fact start things more than I finish them.*

I also really enjoy Korean food (sorry Chinese heritage, you know I love you and your food too), adventures, DIY projects, feminism, Asian movies and cartoons, taking initiatives to make things happen (hence the sometimes more starts than finishes), and I really like discovering free things - these include going on sprees where I sign up for many raffles and free samples of all kinds of things (beauty/health products, customized cards, accessories, magazines, etc), as well as free events like concerts, flea markets, and performances. I also really adore cute children and other things childhood-related, such as Asian snacks/beverages, coloring pages, and reading children's picture books.

What is this blog for?
Get this, so I'm running the outer loop (the perimeter) of my campus, stopping way too many times because I'm lazy and the right of my torso was aching, when I saw a Japanese mother take pictures of her cute Japanese daughter in a kimono. I asked her where they were going, and I found out that Hermann Park, across the street from campus, was having a Japanese festival. That was April 13, 2013. I went to this Japanese festival and had some crazy adventures, so I decided to just make a blog so I can write the stories all down. I knew I was going to make a blog for my studying abroad adventures anyway, so what better time to start, right? Also now I would have to motivate myself to go out there, or, what is colloquially at Rice called, to go "beyond the hedges." I hope to document my adventures in Houston and beyond!

Why is it called Adventure Time With KC?

I really like Cartoon Network's show, Adventure Time with Finn & Jake, produced by the awesome Pendleton Ward (no offense Mr. Ward but, why did your parents name you Pendleton?). On adventures and in life in general, what better attitude to have than the capacity for creativity, open-mindedness, grit, gratitude, zest, helping others, and most of all, a dose of silliness? I was first introduced to this show by some of my best friends, Claire Ashley and Leslie Xia. Growing up with them over the years have also stretched my capacity for adventures. You can ask them, especially Leslie, about how she pushes me outside of my comfort zone all the time.

If you want to know more about how I began to love adventures, read my college essay. No really, go read it here, it's short and simple.

*I really hope this blog isn't one of those things. Although I don't know how one would "finish" a blog.


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